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Trash Turned To Treasure, A Discussion with Stewardship Ontario and GreenMantra

Trash Turned To Treasure, A Discussion with Stewardship Ontario and GreenMantra

Date: Feb 06, 2014 by GREENMANTRA

Pushkar Kumar grew up in India, where, he says, plastic trash piled up everywhere. He understood the waste was actually a vast storehouse of energy and, with his father, a renowned chemical engineer, decided to learn how to recover it.

Their work began in a small garage. Now, with the younger Kumar in Canada, it has become GreenMantra Technologies, an ambitious startup aiming to solve one of the toughest problems of Ontario’s Blue Box recycling program – finding an economic use for plastic bags and film.

GreenMantra is among a handful of companies to benefit from a new strategy employed by Stewardship Ontario, the private, non-profit agency created 11 years ago by the provincial government to operate the Blue Box program.

GreenMantra’s plant is currently operational in Brantford and focuses on making waxes, used in asphalt, shingles, paint, particleboard, toilet seals and many other products. These are currently its most profitable products, requiring less heating and fetching higher prices than the others.


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