Plastics Processing

Ceranovus® polymer additives serve as a processing aid or dispersing agent in thermoplastic and rubber compounding, processing and masterbatch color concentrates.

In plastics and rubber processing, our additives can:

  • increase throughput by improving melt flow of the material, while reducing
    back pressure and equipment wear and lowering energy costs
  • serve as a lubricant in PVC extrusion to enhance material flow and mold release
  • increase gloss in finished products and protect against UV degradation

In masterbatch applications, Ceranovus® additives can:

  • serve as the carrier system, enabling higher pigment concentrations
  • be used as an additive to provide better dispersion of pigments, while increasing color strength

Technical Literature

GreenMantra® Polymer Additives  
for Processing Applications

GreenMantra® Polymer Additives  
for PVC and Vinyl Applications

Product Brochures

Ceranovus® A Series Additives 
(for non-color-sensitive applications)

Ceranovus® G Series Additives  
(for color-sensitive applications)

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