GREENMANTRA® combines TECHNOLOGY with SUSTAINABILITY to create CERANOVUS® Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene (PP) polymer additives from recycled plastics, serving as melt flow modifiers, performance enhancers and processing aids for industrial plastic processing and polymer compounding applications.

CERANOVUS PE and PP additives enhance value by delivering a unique combination of performance advantages, formulation cost savings and process improvements which include :  


Product Performance Enhancements :

        • PE additives : Increase Melt Flow while also increasing IZOD and Elongation at Yield
        • PP additives : Increase IZOD while also increasing Elongation, Flex Modulus and Melt Flow
        • Minimize surface defects and COPQ


Lower Formulation Costs  :

        • Feedstock flexibility to use resins with a wider melt flow range
        • Enable higher recycled content and greater % of PCR in the finished part


Operational Efficiency :

        • Higher throughput with lower energy requirements
        • Lower extruder back pressure for reduced equipment wear


Technical Literature

GreenMantra® Polymer Additives  
for Processing Applications

GreenMantra® Polymer Additives  
for Increasing Recycled Content

GreenMantra® Polypropylene  Additives  
for Processing Applications

GreenMantra® Polyethylene Additives  
for Processing Applications

Product Brochures

CERANOVUS® A Series Additives 
Typical Physical Properties of CERANOVUS® A Series Wax Additives

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