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Business Incubators Invest in GreenMantra

Business Incubators Invest in GreenMantra

Date: Mar 27, 2013 by GREENMANTRA


As Stewardship Ontario EVP, Lyle Clarke, explains, “The challenge with plastics is to efficiently recover and realize value from the many different types that consumers put out for recycling.” Sorting plastics for different recycling streams takes time and costs money. Plastics recycling technologies that can handle a range of materials, including bags, bottles and mixed plastics, have the potential to take the industry in new directions.


Turning Plastics Into Valuable Industrial Waxes

In the fall of 2010, the Canadian Innovation Exchange named cleantech company, GreenMantra Technologies, one of Canada’s 25 most innovative companies. Its owner had found a way to convert recycled household plastics, including plastic packaging films, into valuable commodities like wax, thereby increasing the worth of the waste it uses as raw materials.

Unique Catalytic Process

Pushkar Kumar, the developer of the technology and CEO of GreenMantra, began with a pilot unit. His company combines a unique and cost-effective catalytic process with off-the-shelf processing equipment to transform discarded plastic into synthetic products—elevating everyday, unloved materials into higher value industrial waxes, used in applications such as roads, tires, wood products and polishes. The City of Vancouver is already using GreenMantra waxes for asphalt.


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