Asphalt Roofing

Our CERANOVUS® A series additives are used as a co-modifier in SBS (styrene butadiene styrene), APP (atactic propylene) modified asphalt, and oxidized asphalt to enhance high temperature and structural stability while reducing formulation costs. These products can be used in commercial, residential, underlayment, and adhesives asphalt applications.

Improve Product Performance

  • Improves thermal stability and impact resistance
  • Decreases penetration for improved durability
  • Maintains low temperature flexibility
  • Increase adhesion performance at low and high temperatures

Reduce Formulation Costs

  • Lowers formulation viscosity for ease of processing
  • Enables formulation flexibility to incorporate higher filler loading
  • Optimizes substrate saturation and film coating thickness

Enable Operational Processing Advantages

  • Blends easily with standard low shear mixing
  • Decreases polymer mixing times
  • Lowers processing viscosity for faster line speed


Technical Literature

CERANOVUS® Polymer Additives  
for Polymer Modified Asphalt Roofing Products

CERANOVUS® Polymer Additives  
for Polymer Modified Peel and Stick Membrane Formulation


Product Brochures

CERANOVUS® A Series Additives  
Typical Physical Properties of CERANOVUS® A Series Polymer Additives

CERANOVUS® A155 Additives  
Typical Physical Properties of CERANOVUS® A155 Polypropylene Additives

CERANOVUS® A Series Product Comparison  
Comparative Properties of CERANOVUS® A120 Polyethylene and CERANOVUS® A155 Polypropylene Additive with a typical Fischer Tropsch Wax

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