Asphalt Roofing

Our Ceranovus® A series additives are used as a co-modifier in SBS (styrene butadiene styrene), APP (atactic propylene) modified asphalt, and oxidized asphalt to enhance high temperature and structural stability while reducing formulation costs. These products can be used in commercial, residential, underlayment, and adhesives asphalt applications.

Product benefits include:

  • higher temperature stability, reduced sagging or scuffing
  • adds strength, requires more force to deform from hail or during installation
  • in peel & stick applications, better adhesion to plywood
  • provides smoother surface to reduce entrapment of air or moisture
  • eligible for LEED and other environmental credits

Manufacturing and formulation benefits include:

  • co-modification with SBS or APP, 10-40% offset
  • lower asphalt viscosity, faster line speeds and better saturation of mat
  • faster mix times by >30% for SBS and APP systems
  • higher filler percentage in formulations without increase to viscosity
  • reduce time required for asphalt oxidation
  • increase asphalt softening point
  • stiffen asphalt, reduce penetration value

Technical Literature

GreenMantra® Polymer Additives  
for waterproofing underlayments
and membranes for roofing applications

GreenMantra® Polymer Additives  
for roofing applications


Product Brochures

Ceranovus® A Series Additives  
for non-color-sensitive applications


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