Asphalt Roads

CERANOVUS® A Series Polyethylene and Polypropylene polymer additives boost the performance of road asphalt and improve asphalt processing and application properties. The result? Stronger, more durable roads.

CERANOVUS® additives enhance road asphalt performance by delivering the following benefits:

  • Increases penetration hardness
  • Lowers viscosity during production
  • Improves resistance to rutting and deformation
  • Enables grade bumping while maintaining low temperature properties
  • CERANOVUS® additives exhibit amorphous polymer characteristics and polarity to remain bound within the asphalt matrix. They have low viscosity and blend easily with standard low shear mixing.

Technical Literature

CERANOVUS®  Polymer Additives 
Enable Grade Bumping of Road Asphalt

CERANOVUS®  Polymer Additives 
CERANOVUS Polymer Additives Enhance the Performance of Polymer Modified Asphalt


Product Brochures

CERANOVUS® A Series Additives  
Typical Physical Properties of CERANOVUS® A Series Wax Additives


CERANOVUS® A Series Product Comparison
Comparative Properties of CERANOVUS® A120 Polyethylene and CERANOVUS® A155 Polypropylene waxes with a typical Fischer Tropsch Wax

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