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Asphalt Mix Part of Vancouver’s ‘Greenest City’ Push

Asphalt Mix Part of Vancouver’s ‘Greenest City’ Push

Date: Nov 11, 2012 by GREENMANTRA

Plastic waste such as bags and water bottles that are difficult to recycle have found a new life in the asphalt mix used to pave streets in Vancouver.

The city has worked with GreenMantra of Toronto to develop the granular, wax like material that’s added to asphalt. The material allows the asphalt to flow smoothly at a much lower temperature, which saves on the cost of fuel to heat the asphalt and reduces the amount of vapours released into the atmosphere, according to Peter Judd, the city’s general manager of engineering services.

That’s good for both the workers laying the asphalt and the environment, he said.

It was noted that GreenMantra specializes in producing higher-value synthetic hydrocarbons like wax from recycled plastics and these waxes could be easily used for warm-mix asphalt.

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