GreenMantra’s Ceranovus® polyethylene and polypropylene additives can help customers save processing costs and enhance the performance of finished products. Our additives can be customized for your specific application and are a cost-effective and environmentally suitable alternative to traditional products derived from crude oil.

Ceranovus® A Series waxes (for non-color-sensitive applications) are proven performers in the following applications:

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    Asphalt Roofing

    For commercial, residential, underlayment, and adhesives asphalt applications, and in both oxidized and polymer modified formulations, our products enhance processing capabilities, lower manufacturing costs, and improve end product performance under severe weather conditions. In addition, because our additives are made by converting recycled polymers, they support qualifying for LEED credits.

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    Asphalt Roads

    Enables addition of higher levels of recycled asphalt and polymers for reduced formulation cost, while maintaining performance. Lowers mixing and compacting temperatures, reduce emissions, allow longer transport and working times.

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    Polymer Processing

    Our materials can increase processing melt flow and throughput, reduce production costs, and provide higher percentage elongation, thus improving molding and reducing breaks in finished products. In PVC production, they serve as an external lubricant and release agent, increase throughput, reduce equipment wear, and improve product profile. In master batch, they improve processing and dispersion of additives and pigment color strength.

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    Plastic Composites

    For plastic composites and wood plastic composites, Ceranovus ® A Series additives provide manufacturers with lower total formulation and operating costs while optimizing manufacturing efficiency. Made from 100 percent recycled plastics, Ceranovus polymer additives also increase the recycled content of finished products, enhancing their sustainability profile.

In addition, our additives can be used in inks, coatings and other applications as a modifier for resins and polymers.

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